After The Tree Farm

8″x 10″acrylic on masoniteOut in the Hillsboro, Oregon countryside, a favorite seasonal tradition for many is to go to the tree farm, find the perfect tree, and stop at McMenamin’s Rock Creek Tavern for one of their fresh brewed ales, a hearty meal, an…

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5″x 7″acrylic on masoniteSatsumas are widely available in the stores now and a family favorite!

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Shadows and Saturation

8″x 10″acrylic on masoniteOne of the fun things about the current image from Karin Jurick’s DSFDF challenge, was all of the red I found in the figures after enhancing the saturation in photoshop. Playing with the saturation and hue in photoshop has hel…

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Different View

Karin’s original reference photo5″x 7″acrylic on masoniteThere were two things that I particularly appreciated about the current painting challenge from Karin Jurick’s DSFDF. First of all, the reference photo provided a new subject matter with a multi…

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Challenging Cupcakes

Karin’s reference photoOkay, so Karin Jurick posted a photo of colorful cupcakes to paint for the current Different Strokes for Different Folks Challenge. I thought, “How fun! This should be easy.” Not so! It was hard. But I loved it!What I loved about…

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A Bunch of Beach Cruisers

16″x 16″acrylic on canvasI’m working on a series of paintings for a show At Paradise Perks in Irvine, California on August 29th. Because I’m painting for Southern California, I get to revisit my roots and reminisce. After living in the pacific northwes…

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’09 Volleyball T-Shirt Design

Original artfront of shirtback of shirt, right shoulderBecause my husband is the head girls’ volleyball coach at Sunset High School and my daughter is on the team, I get to design a volleyball t-shirt for the camp each year. It can be intimidating, fru…

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No Way!!!

San Francisco Street8″x 10″acrylic on masoniteI just spent the last four hours frantically(?) trying to start and finish my painting for submission to Karin Jurick’s DSFDF challenge by 3:00pm PST. I didn’t get it submitted until 3:30, was sure it was t…

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Taking A Break

8″x 10″acrylic on masoniteThis is the current entry for Karin Jurick’s Different Strokes From Different Folks Blog. What I enjoy about painting people is having the time to contemplate and consider who they are and what they’re doing instead of just p…

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Stress Less

6″x 12″acrylic on canvasI lived in Newport Beach, California throughout my high school and college years and whenever the pressures of school got to me, I would take a break and go for a run or a bike ride along the boardwalk. There was something about…

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