My Grass

My Grass6″x 6″acrylic on masoniteSOLD  

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Portland Streetcar 2

6″x 6″”Streetcar”acrylic on masoniteI do love the Portland Streetcars. Their ray of color always makes the day less dreary.I took this picture, a year and a half ago, while cruising around Portland, with a friend, looking for things to paint.This pain…

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Shea Center

14″x 11″acrylic on masoniteHere is the painting I finished for the auction at the Shea Center where my sister works. “The Shea Center offers classes that focus on a broad range and combination of disabilities. These classes fall under the gener…

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Quality Time

Quality Time8″x 10″acrylic on masoniteSOLD

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German Landscape

German Landscape6″x 6″acrylic on gessoed hardboardFramedAvailable at Daily Paintworks.

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Elk, Washington

6″x 6″acrylic on masoniteThis is a view from my in-laws’ ranch in Elk, Washington.It is the first painting I posted….To answer my art friend’s question, I don’t have any real movement in my right hand…but it’s coming!Done with my left hand.

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Paper Head

It is clear to me that the images are in my head, I just need them to come out!I need to work on my pencil work and my brush work.Done with my left hand. (off-hand)

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I’m back!

I’m back!For those of you that don’t know, I had a stroke October 14, 2010. I wasn’t able to speak for a week, but I am working with a speech coach, and my right side was paralyzed, but I am getting better. I only use a wheel chair when I am going shop…

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