Mini-Lesson: How to work with value

I have been commissioned to paint a 70 x 40-inch panel of three lemons. I usually paint 70% upside down, that way I can see “shapes” not “lemons”.  I have one photo in color, and one in black and white, taped to the top of the painting, as well as it on the computer. As I

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'It might choke Arti...'

Here is a WONDERFUL story and recipe from my friend, Leanne, about her grandpa Tony. She graciously gave it to me for my 2017 calendar. Leanne and I, who I haven’t seen for (oh my!) 40+ years???, went to Stoddard Elementary in Anaheim, CA, together. A long, long, time ago….

My Grandpa, Tony Ragusa, came to

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