Artist Statement

I feel inspired by the blank canvas. What I feel might be similar to when a writer faces the blank page. Mystery, wonder, eagerness, fear, curiosity, promise.

I sit in my studio and listen to music or an audiobook and I dive in. Although I have a plan, what happens next is a mix of my interpretation, the technique I use, and what the paint does.

My goal is simple: to capture the purest essence of a person, an animal, or even a vegetable!

After years of training in illustration and bio-medical illustration, I love to capture special and often un-witnessed moments and express them in my paintings.

I’m drawn to light, color or the glimpse of such a moment. I take random photos and then search through them. I often discover something wonderful that I didn’t know I’d captured—and this discovery lends excitement to my process.

I also love working on commissions and appreciate being able to pause my life and contemplate someone else’s and focus on what has meaning for them.

While the stroke changed the way I handle my materials, painting is the one thing I know I can do. I can’t run, hike, or even drive that far any longer (right now) —but I am very grateful for my time in the studio.