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2 Cups, 2 Oranges

"2 Cups, 2 Oranges"

8"x 8"
 acrylic on stretched canvas
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This is my last challenge for the "30 in 30 Day Challenge" by Leslie Saeta.
I made 7 paintings. 
I listened to Lisa Daria's message on Artists Helping Artists, and revamped my schedule. 
I used to get up at 5, make coffee :) and read aloud, do my "Morning Pages", (writing from the Artist Way), go through my planner, and do my electrical myostimulation. (electrical "pads" for my stroke)
Now, I get up at 5, make coffee, and paint! (I do that other stuff at night!)
Then I have time for commissioned paintings  through out the day.
I think I will continue the small paintings every three to four days. It has given me confidence.
Thank you Leslie and Lisa! 

Annie Salness Artist

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