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25 in 30

25 paintings in 30 days

Here is my "collage" of the 25 paintings I did during the month of January. 

About midway through the month, I decided to work in mostly black and white, doing value studies. An art friend told me, it doesn't matter which color you choose, just as long as it is the right value. 

Thank you so much for all the pictures you sent me! 
I am still working on some of them. 
Please continue to send me  pictures. For those I choose to paint, I will be sending my note cards and the first chance to buy the painting.
If you would like to send me a picture, email it to:   annie@anniesalness.com , and please include your address. 
Thank you!!!!

Listening to while I paint:

     Podcast: The Alton Browncast hosted by Alton Brown
                         Medieval Archives
                         The Lede from Copyblogger
                         Sherlock Holmes     Music: Spotify

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