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Beaverton Farmers' Market GeraniumsTriptych

3- 18"x 36" canvases

I was given the opportunity to hang artwork in a local coffee shop but, since my recent paintings have been under 12"x 12" or commissioned pieces, I needed to create something larger for the space.

I spent many Saturdays last spring and summer at the Beaverton Farmers' Market and have been wanting to do a series of paintings from the photos I took, so when the coffee shop owners said they would like "nature and bright colors", I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to paint these bright geraniums from the Farmers' Market!

Because the space is so large, I decided to paint a triptych that could be purchased as a whole or as separate pieces. I really enjoyed painting the three canvases simultaneously and maybe will get adventurous enough to attempt something on the scale of Don Tiller's "Neighbors: The Connection Series" !

The color chart that I made and mentioned in my last post proved to be invaluable. I painted with more confidence, avoided making mistakes that would cost me time, money (for paint!) , and frustration, and found that the color chart was also a tremendous help with the value scale.

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