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Listen to the Art Biz Blog interview during which Alyson Stanfield interviews me.

36x 48

"A Friend In Need"

36″x 48″(my terrible picture!)Original, “A Friend In Need”by, C.M. Coolidgecommissioned in 1903My client said, “Could you paint MY dogs playing poker”? “Sure!”, I said.I got a variety of, umm, “good” shots….like this one:”Pepper” the one in the …

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Can I Do It ?????

3 – 36″x 48″stretched canvasI have been given, by dicarli restaurant, the opportunity to display my artwork.I said, “Great! I will give you three 36″x 48″ cityscapes” (which I just started) “by June!”Can I do it?Of course!Well………..I will follow u…

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