Soldier/Dogs11″x 14″Acrylic on canvasSOLDI finished a commission for a client who has a lot of veterans come work for him. He offers them jobs because they have a hard time finding them elsewhere. My client shared some amazing stories with me, and I wa…

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After The Beach8″x 10″acrylicSOLDA recent commission painting I did for a client and quote from her:           “Julep is my brown-eyed rescue, age 1-ish. Julep’s little bestie and partner in naughtiness is Chanc…

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10″x 8″
acrylic on gessoboard

This was a commissioned Christmas present. 

         “When Miles, a majestic dachshund-beagle mix, was first adopted in January of 2006, he had no idea he would grow to love playing ball so much. In fact, he didn’t even know how to play! Thankfully for Miles, that didn’t last long. His human got down on all fours and played with dog toys to show him how it’s done, and in no time playing became Miles’s favorite activity. Miles loves all toys, especially those that squeak, have stuffing to pull out, or resemble small creatures. Out of all of the choices, however, the ball is his favorite and, to this day, Miles and the ball are inseparable. Miles is well-loved and lives comfortably in Portland, Oregon, where his human pays his rent, takes him on long walks, and throws the ball for him tirelessly!”

Listening to while I paint:
Podcast: Oh, So Pinteresting, hosted by Cynthia Sanchez
                   American’s Test Kitchen, hosted by Christopher Kimball 
                  Here’s The Thing, hosted by Alec Baldwin
Music: my iPod
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Gerbera, Glass, Pear6″x 6″acrylic on gessoboardClick here to purchaseToday is January 1, 2014, and I am participating in a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I have asked people to send me pictures of what they would like painted. The pe…

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“2 Cups, 2 Oranges”8″x 8” acrylic on stretched canvas Click here to purchase this painting.This is my last challenge for the “30 in 30 Day Challenge” by Leslie Saeta. I made 7 paintings. I listened to Lisa Daria’s message on Artists Hel…

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