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Listen to the Art Biz Blog interview during which Alyson Stanfield interviews me.


Portland Streetcar

7″x 5″acrylic on masonitesoldI loved the light filtering in through the trees and the color of the streetcar!”The Portland Streetcar is a system in Portland, Oregon that opened in 2001 and serves surrounding downtown Portland….It is the first new str…

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End Of Day

End Of Day8″x 24″acrylic on canvasOne of the things I loved about moving from southern California to Portland, Oregon was the ability to drive west for five minutes and see beautiful farmland. This piece will be in the Art and Agriculture show at the C…

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Finding Paintings In Random Photos

I find that I am always taking my camera with me, wherever I go, looking for inspiration. Sometimes I just take random pictures as I am passing by, especially if there is interesting light, shadows, colors, or shapes that catch my eye. I am always exc…

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Late Fall In Downtown Portland

8″x 10″acrylic on masoniteThis painting is of a street in downtown Portland, Oregon. I thought it would make a nice compliment to the two previously posted paintings of San Francisco and New York City. I was struck by the very different color palettes …

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