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Finding Paintings In Random Photos – Girl In Surf

Girl In Surf
16"x 8"
acrylic on canvas

I painted this little girl to go with the little boy painting I posted on 6/15/2010 . I painted them side by side to make sure that I captured the same color and light. I found both of these children while searching through random photos I took at Newport Beach in southern California.

The little girl is easy to see at the right side of the picture.

The little boy is harder to find, but he is also on the right side of this picture.

By taking random photos, I am able to capture spontaneous and natural postures that may only last a moment.

I am always excited to see what I have captured when I go searching through the photos after I've loaded them on my computer. I often find several moments to paint in each photo or combine elements from several photos.

Really, I'm not a very good photographer so I am THRILLED if I find something to paint! Taking 'random' photos is my cover for not taking 'good' photos! ;)

Annie Salness Artist

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