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Huckabee, the Bernese Mountain Dog

Just wrapped up another pet portrait commission–how lucky am I? I am absolutely loving having the chance to get to know these wonderful animals.
I took a picture of beautiful Huckabee at Farmers Market this summer. His beautiful coloring and luxurious fur caught my eye right away. These big beauties were originally working dogs on farms–and even pulled carts.  


The first step of the process, once I get a sense of the pet, is to look at pictures of the home where the painting will hang. Here’s a peek at Huckabee’s house: comfortable, neutral colors with a few pops of color, lots of natural light. Got it!





The next step is to know more information about the pet and what makes him so special.
Here’s Huckabee’s story:
“Huckabee is a 4-yr old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is our second dog of that breed. When our first one died, we researched breeders and found one in Cove, Oregon (east of La Grande). Bill grew up in Eastern Oregon, so we were familiar with the area. We visited the breeder and saw her kennel and committed to getting a puppy from her next litter. We ended up waiting a year for Huckabee.
The breed is very friendly with people and other animals and he is a good representative of the breed. He is a big dog, a little over 90 pounds but relatively small for the breed. We’ve seen them 120 pounds and up.
When he was young, he got his collar caught in his toy box while choosing a toy. It scared him enough that now when he wants a toy he stands at the box and barks until someone gets the toy for him. It can be trial and error finding the one that he wants and may take a while. He walks 5-6 miles per day and then naps.  A tired dog is a good dog.”


Here is the finished painting. It’s 8 x 10″ acrylic on panel.
It’s such an honor for me to paint your beloved pets. Let me know if you’d like to chat about a pet portrait of your favorite animal!

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