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Inspiration From You – February 2009 & What Do You Do When You Get Stuck?

Adam The Altar Boy
5"x 7"
acrylic on masonite

First of all, meet Adam the altar boy! Adam loves going to church and asked if he could help serve in some way and was given the honor of assisting on Sundays by lighting candles and carrying the cross, etc. This painting is from a photo of Adam's very first time serving as an altar boy!
Now, it is March 3rd and I just posted the February painting!? I must tell you that this is the THIRD painting that I have started in the last week and a half. I haven't given up on the other two, they just weren't working. Which leads me to my question to you. What do you do when something isn't working? I have a tendency to expect each painting to work on the first try AND in a timely manner! If it isn't working, I want to ignore everything else until I get it to work or just finish it! Not very realistic! I am realizing (at least for today) that it is sometimes helpful to leave a painting for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes and attitude! I also find it helpful if I'm struggling with a piece to find something different that I can finish. This gives me a sense of accomplishment and more confidence. Going for a run also helps! So what do you do when something isn't working?

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