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Inspiration From You- March 2009

8"x 10" acrylic on masonite

Here is the "Inspiration From You" painting for March. I asked the person who submitted this photo to tell us the story about Wilson:

"I really wanted a Chihuahua. My husband kept saying how much responsibility a dog was. One weekend I found some Chihuahuas listed in the paper and asked if we could "just look". We met a breeder at a McDonalds. He had two male puppies in a crate, one short hair and one white long hair. I pulled out the short hair (I had never planned on a long hair) and the long hair jumped into my husband's hands....when I saw the puppy's little face and the look on my husband's face, I knew I had won....we got a dog that day.
We went straight to PetSmart for "supplies". We went from being dogless to being "those people". We were looking at dog clothes, dog toys, cooing at our puppy and holding him wrapped in a light blue fleece blanket.
The first name we picked was "Livingston", because that is my home town. Well, "Livingston" lasted about 6 hours; it was just too cumbersome to say. My husband said he had an idea but I probably would not like it, "Wilson". It was a perfect fit. We call Wilson "The Baby". Yes, we are "those people"!"

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