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Is the "Big Yellow Bag", Lauren?

I completed the paintings for decarli's restaurant and took them in last Wednesday. 
No, I didn't take pictures...but I will and post them in the future! 

Here's an interesting story!

I painted the "Big Yellow Bag"  about three years ago for Paradise Perks, an espresso shop, in Irvine, California.

 "Big Yellow Bag"

About a month ago a woman named Carol went into Paradise Perks, saw my painting and immediately thought of her granddaughter, Lauren. She emailed me with a picture of Lauren and asked if the painting was of her. 

Lauren used to work at Paradise Perks. 

See the resemblance?

I, however, painted "Big Yellow Bag" based off of a picture I took in Portland, Oregon.

It couldn't be Lauren, she was down in Irvine, California! 

But wait! She transferred to  Portland State University. 

Sooooo, is it her??

Annie Salness Artist

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