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Listen to the Art Biz Blog interview during which Alyson Stanfield interviews me.
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Overcoming a Major Setback – Annie Salness (Podcast)

I was so honored to be a guest on Alyson Stanfield’s podcast. Alyson is an art business consultant and author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. She helps artists gain more recognition, organize and systematize their businesses, and sell more art at I’ve followed her for years.  She was such a gracious host as we chatted—and I felt like I STRUGGLED to get my points across—about my stroke and my art. I was so impressed with her as an interviewer and appreciate how loving, caring and gentle she was with me.

Thanks so much to Alyson for inviting me!

Here’s Alyson’s introduction:

Artist Annie Salness suffered a stroke almost 8 years ago. While many artists would have given up when faced with the trials Annie had, she met the challenge and kept moving forward. It wasn’t the single challenge of learning to make art again with her non-dominant hand. Annie also had to relearn how to walk, speak, write, and drive. 

This is the story of a true artist—an artist who has something to say and is committed to making sure her voice is heard; her art seen. Listen to the most recent episode of the Art Biz Podcast.

And if you’d like to listen, I’d love your thoughts.

Here’s a link to the show:



Annie Salness Artist

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