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Prepping for "Flavors"

Here are my painting panels

Here are the new panels for my 2018 calendar, which I’m calling Flavors.

I chose the theme of “Flavors” because it would allow me to paint such a wide variety of things—and it would allow my friends to send in their favorite flavor combinations to me along with their favorite recipes using those flavors. A win-win!

This is an exciting stage with all the blank panels. I can’t wait to start painting! And I already have stories and recipes from a lot of you, so am preparing to paint things like: basil, tomato, butter, curry, lemon, orange, rosemary, olive oil, chocolate, vinegar… 

Steve and David sent in a Mushroom Risotto, Mona shared her Texas Caesar dip, and Sarah emailed her tasty Summer Fruit Kuchen—all with wonderful accompanying stories.

And….I still need a few more flavors (or flavor combinations) with recipes and stories. Do you have a favorite flavor? Now that Memorial Day has passed and you’ve been playing in the garden, which herbs are you looking forward to cooking with? 

One of the absolute best things about including the recipes and stories in my annual calendar is that I get to interact with you. 

And the other best thing is that I get to paint!

Above is a glimpse back at my paintings from the two previous years: Flowers, 2016 and Vegetables, 2017. All of them made possible by…. YOU.

If you’ve got a favorite flavor and recipe, along with a quick story about it, please email me at Thank you!!

Annie Salness Artist

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