Listen to the Art Biz Blog interview during which Alyson Stanfield interviews me.
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smARTist Telesummit

Ariane Goodwin organized a telesummit last January which I attended and found very useful. It was a new experience for me. I was able to listen to 13 different experts share and receive their handouts all from the comfort of my home and at my convenience. There was an opportunity to listen live or listen to the recording when it fit my schedule. I kept all the notes in a notebook and have referred to them throughout the year. Ariane is offering the 2008 telesummit for a $60 discount through Halloween. The speakers include experts such as Jennifer Loudon, organizational expert; Joan Stewart, promotional expert; Alyson Stanfield, art career expert; Leonard DuBoff art law expert. Click here for more info and to listen to a 60 min sample!

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