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November FLAVORS: Cranberry-Orange Relish

For my 2018 calendar, I invited art friends and colleagues to contribute their favorite FLAVOR combination, along with a recipe and a story. I received 12 great combos and I used the ingredients for my inspiration.  This month I’m featuring the story and recipe of artist Gretha Linwood. I told her that I wanted to…

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Garlic, Rosemary

Cloves of garlic as still life subject

This is a simple recipe but oh so flavorful! Gigi gives an explanation of how she uses it in her story. I put rosemary in the painting because I like garlic and rosemary and I thought that the painting needed a green element.   12″x 12″x 1″, oil on cradled panel, $285, Annie Salness GARLIC This is…

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You can't beat beets!

Beets are so beautiful. Just look at that fantastic red (maybe alizarin?) color they produce! Along with my beets painting for my 2017 Vegetable Calendar, I’m happy to share this wonderful story and borscht recipe from textile artist, Susan Purney Mark. See her work and check out her workshops here. Did you know that taste and smell are our first memories?…

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