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What Is Your Creative Habit?

I am reading the Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp, a dancer and choreographer who, over the past 35 years, has created 130 dances and ballets. The title of the book intrigued me because for the longest time I believed that creativity was a feeling or an inspiration that just happened. I've since come to realize that in order to create I need to be deliberate, intentional, and just start! Or as Nike so perfectly put it, "Just Do It!"
In the first part of the book, Twyla talks about routines and rituals of preparation.
"Creativity is a habit and the best creativity is a result of good work habits." "It's vital to establish some rituals - automatic but decisive patterns of behavior _ at the beginning of the creative process, when you are most at peril of turning back, chickening out, giving up, or going the wrong way."
How true! I am trying very hard to create and stick to regular work habits. Since my studio is in my home and I home school two of my kids, it is very easy to get distracted or allow myself to get distracted! I have a pretty consistent routine for starting my day which includes writing my Morning Pages (from The Artisit's Way), planning my day, some reading/studying, yoga, and then a drawing session to start my time in the studio.
My current struggle is with starting a new project or series and dealing with the all the questions doubts: Is it a good idea? What size? How many paintings? What am I going to do with it? Will anyone like it? What if it doesn't turn out good? Blah, blah, blah.......
I would really appreciate hearing from you...
How do you start your day? Do you have rituals or routines of preparation for starting your day or a new project or walking in to your office or studio and preparing to work? Do you do anything in particular to allow your creativity to flow? How do you tackle overcoming a new project, blank canvas or blank page?

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